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Decide twice as fast with half the meetings
and 100% visibility.

Cloverpop’s cloud app uses behavioral science to streamline enterprise decision making. Unshackle managers and executives from days trapped in meetings struggling with delayed decisions. No PhD required.

Decide twice as fast with half the meetings
and 100% visibility.

Cloverpop’s cloud app uses behavioral science to streamline enterprise decision making. Unshackle managers and executives from days trapped in meetings struggling with delayed decisions. No PhD required.


Drive insight & action


Increase communication


Speed up decisions


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Decision making drives 95% of business performance.

It drives growth and profitability. It’s the heart of employee engagement, the engine of innovation and the key to competitiveness. Decision making is the most important thing your company does.

Cloverpop is the first enterprise decision-making platform based on behavioral science.

Enterprises run on software platforms, yet there was no platform for decision making. Until now.

Cloverpop is the first enterprise decision-making platform based on behavioral science.
Collaborate to make faster decisions with fewer meetings.

Clear Framing, Fast Collaboration

With Cloverpop, decision makers use a smart Decision Flow™ to frame their decisions, then invite stakeholders to weigh in using a collaborative process based on behavioral science.

The result? Just 20 minutes in the Decision Flow brings new ideas, clarity and better buy-in while eliminating 20 hours of meetings and 4 weeks of delays.

Complete Visibility, Real Engagement

With Cloverpop, decisions are automatically and clearly communicated up, down and across the enterprise via colorful dashboards showing the status of every decision.

When every decision is clearly communicated, employee engagement skyrockets and decision execution accelerates.

Communicate decisions faster and distribute decision making further with 100% visibility across your organization.
Measure the decision-making process to get insights and drive better results, faster.

From Delayed Decisions to Accountability and Action

Cloverpop’s powerful decision database tracks critical details of the decision-making process and its results.

By measuring the decision-making process, enterprises can gain insights to take charge of the most important business activity, getting better results, faster.

15 Reasons
Cloverpop is for you

Sometimes people disagree with you.

Approximately 107 percent of managers think disagreements are a problem, although 140 percent disagree about the right solution. Luckily, 96 percent agree on Cloverpop.

You want to make better decisions than Einstein.

Daniel Kahneman proved that even Nobel Prize winners like him take biased shortcuts when making decisions. Yes, even Einstein. Cloverpop helps you make better decisions than Einstein. How cool is that?

It’s Monday morning.

The business week is about making things happen. Decisions make things happen. Get in the habit of using Cloverpop to make things happen. Or procrastinate until Wednesday.

Sometimes decisions take too long.

We know you don’t want to judge. But seriously, they’re dragging their feet, they’re pushing their own agendas, they’re not seeing things objectively. What is it with these people?

You value input from other people.

Humans are social. We cooperate to get bigger things done than we can do alone. Humans are smart. We see things from different perspectives. None of us are smarter than many of us.

It’s Wednesday.

It’s hump day, there’s still time to salvage your week by making something happen. Think of it like skiing, surfing or doing yoga - it’s fun to do, looks cool, and good for you, too!

You create presentations.

Presentations actually eat our brains. They are digitized zombie spawn. They use brainwashing techniques to convince people to do our bidding. Only brainwash people if you know you are right.

You create a lot of presentations.

Look, we get it, presentations are cool. It’s just that they eat our brains. At least use Cloverpop to unscramble everyone’s brains before feeding them to the zombies. Scrambled brains taste awful.

You schedule meetings.

Meetings waste like $110B every year! Stop having meetings to talk past each other. Use Cloverpop to get the full picture, then decide...maybe without any meetings at all!

You send emails.

OK, so maybe you are a social person and like decision meetings. But emails are not social. Email addiction shrinks our brains. Help your brain grow. Use Cloverpop.

You send a lot of emails.

Don’t let emails suck the fun out of work. They trick you into taking positions and advocating for decisions before you know what’s right. And then there’s unread emails, cc-ing people...ugh.

You do yoga.

Yoga is like Cloverpop for your body. We don’t know what that means, but yoga is blowing up right now, so we want to associate our product with yoga.

Sometimes you’re not sure what to do.

Believe it or not, almost 99.99999 percent of rational people face business decisions that have a high degree of uncertainty. Never let them see you sweat...but remember they are sweating, too.

You are busy.

Cloverpop is easy. It takes about 10 minutes to save you from 10 hours of disagreement and speed up decisions by 10 days. You are frickin’ busy! You should do it.

You want better performance reviews and higher raises.

Most managers ignore decision best practices. Chumps! Don’t they realize they could boost their performance 20%, and increase their pay 15%? Hint: Multiply your salary by 1.15.

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15 Reasons
Cloverpop is NOT FOR YOU

No one disagrees with you. Ever.

If you don’t listen to other people, do they really exist? There’s a fine line between absolute power and always being right. And you live on both sides of the line.

Nobel Prize winners don’t impress you.

Sure, some guy won an award in Sweden after spending sixty years proving people take too many biased decision shortcuts. What does he know that your gut doesn’t? Your gut is awesome.

It’s the weekend.

Decisions are awesome. But who wants to build yet another business product that screws up our weekends? Go do yoga, play with your kids, take a nap, eat a salad, pet a dog.

Stakeholders never slow you down.

Some people call it leaping to conclusions. You ask what’s wrong with jumping off cliffs. Alone. While everyone else watches from a safe distance.

You like giving advice off the top of your head.

You thought about it for a second and vaguely remember a situation in your past that might be relevant. No reason to clear your head and look at things objectively. Just start talking.

It’s Friday.

When it comes to business decisions,Fridays are basically the weekend. Not the best day to make decisions. A pretty good day to do other stuff. Online shopping anyone? Office football pool?

You never make rationalizations.

What’s the fun in telling stories that make it sound like you’re always right?

You are eating.

Stop deciding and pay attention to what you’re shoving in your mouth! Savor your meals. Take small bites. Eat superfoods. How many times do you have to be told this!?!

You are playing with kids.

Kids know more about iPads than you do. They know how to use crafting tables in Minecraft. Just hand Cloverpop over and put them in charge.

You feel like taking a nap.

Naps are awesome. They make you smarter. They make you better looking. They make you live longer, happier lives. Please don’t let Cloverpop keep you from taking a nap.

You are petting your dog.

Dogs are pleasers. They reduce stress and anxiety. They don’t cc people, and they don’t care if you mess up and crater your company. Just throw the ball and rub the belly.

You are washing your cat.

You’ve already got your hands full. Seriously, those things are razor-clawed, arm-shredding hissing hair bombs.

You’ve had a few drinks.

Six words that should never be trusted after a six pack: “I know what we should do.”

You don’t like people.

There is nothing better than using work decisions to torture people. Arguments, confusion, uncertainty, really well crafted flame emails - the spice of life!

You are a post-economic hermit.

Once you have f*** you money, who really gives a s***, right? Or you could decide to peel off those PJs and do something useful with the rest of your life. Just sayin’.

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